What Does It Take to Succeed?

Most candidates ask themselves the key question of “Do I have what it takes to run a successful business?”

Key Elements to being a successful franchise owner:

  1. Do I have the drive to own and run a successful franchise business?
  2. How strong is the business system being offered by the franchisor?
  3. Will the franchise be a good fit for my skills, passions and strengths?
  4. Will I enjoy my business?
  5. Will I have the support of my family?
  6. Am I willing to follow a proven system?
  7. Can I afford the franchise and the ramp up time to build the business?
  8. Will the franchise be a good match to meet my lifestyle and financial goals?

These are a few of the key topics we will be discussing as we go through the discovery process and build out your personal business model.

There are 3 Different Options for Achieving Your Dreams through Business Ownership

  1. Start a business from scratch
  2. Buy an existing business
  3. Purchase a franchise
Options Availability Proven System Correlation Between Investment & Profit Potential Support After Purchase Risk Factors Attractive to Lenders? How to Predict the Results Making Changes
Build From Scratch Unlimited No None None First Time Effort No Projections based on your assumptions about the market Up to Owner
Buy an Existing Business Limited Maybe High Limited or None Hidden motives or incorrect information from seller Maybe Projections based on historical results of the business Up to Owner
Purchase a Franchise Many Yes None High High variability of quality among franchises Yes Projections based on results of franchisees in the system Some aspects likely limited by the franchise agreement
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